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GFF College Dining Survey Responses

University of Southern California

Los Angeles


Survey Date:

Jan 15, 2023

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Celiac Disease

Student's Summary Assessment:

College Dining:


Surrounding Area:


Rationale for Grades Given

I have been glutened multiple times a week here. I have tried to work the dietitian but it is helpless, she blames me when she is mislabeling the menu and won’t provide ingredients lists. Nothing has been done to accommodate students with celiac.

Not aware of too many that are accessible without a car. Chipotle, cava, and sun life are the ones i know of.

Details About this Student's Food Restrictions

How many years ago were you diagnosed with food allergies or celiac disease?


If you indicated celiac or gluten intolerance, how sensitive are you to gluten?

Extremely: React to even small traces

Add details to help us better understand your food restrictions (e.g. sensitivity level, potential reaction, need for EPI pen)

I have celiac disease and will get sick off of cross contamination as well.

Details About this Student's College Dining Experience

Does your college handle food restrictions as you expected when you decided to attend?

Not at all what I expected

Have you had a reation from eating in your dining hall?


If Yes, describe each incident and how your school responded

The dietitian blew me off and told me not to eat dining hall food. I have no choice since the meal plan is mandatory and the school won’t let me out of it. I also don’t have a kitchen.

Did you register your food restriction with the disabilities office? If yes, describe

Yes, registered before I started with our accommodations office

Are there resources to help with nutritious, safe dining (e.g. dietician)? If yes, describe


If you were in charge of dining, what would you change? Would your school be open to suggestions?

Make a gluten free dining hall. Most meals could also be swapped to feed students with allergies more safely. If all of our dining halls can be peanut free, there should at least be options for those with celiac

Describe your biggest challenge managing your food restrictions at college and how you deal with it

The reactions. It’s frustrating and sets me back because of how sick I get.

Advice for Incoming Students:


Did your food restrictions impact your housing decisions?  Any dorm recommendations

No, but if you are an incoming freshman with celiac disease, request Cale and Irani or Webb to have a kitchen.

Dining Halls:

Any advice for managing dining halls?  Favorite dining halls? Any to avoid?

EVK has a couple gluten free frozen meals. The village is the best since it’s self serve but cc can happen easily. Parkside doesn’t usually have safe options but they have more cereals and drink options.

Meal Plans:

Describe your meal plans over the year(s). What's mandatory? Any suggestions? 

Freshman are required to have the unlimited meals plan which costs around $3500/semester.


Any advice for eating in the dorms? Favorite snacks? Places that deliver? 

Target and Trader Joe’s are on campus with Ralph’s around the corner, if you can afford to buy groceries on top of a meal plan, do it!

Getting Started:

What should students do before school starts or when they first arrive?

Register with OSAS and meet with the chefs and dietitian.


Advice on managing parties or dinners out with friends?

Not hard. Just be cognizant of which alcohols are safe to drink if you are going to partake.


Any other advice or comments?

I love USC, but the food issues have really put a damper on my freshman year. Make the right decision for you but be aware that this school doesn’t care if you have safe foods to eat.

Meal Plans:

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