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GFF College Dining Survey Responses

Adelphi University

Garden City

New York

Survey Date:

Apr 19, 2021

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Celiac Disease

Student's Summary Assessment:

College Dining:


Surrounding Area:


Rationale for Grades Given

Not everything is labelled if it's gluten free, but there are a few good options.

CORElife is a great place for rice bowls, salads, and soups. Rustica has a ton of gluten free italian options! Mac&Melts has amazing options for gluten free mac and cheese and the workers are always checking to make sure that everything is safe!

Details About this Student's Food Restrictions

How many years ago were you diagnosed with food allergies or celiac disease?


If you indicated celiac or gluten intolerance, how sensitive are you to gluten?

["Extremely: React to even small traces"]

Add details to help us better understand your food restrictions (e.g. sensitivity level, potential reaction, need for EPI pen)

I'm extremely sensitive to even small traces of gluten cross-contamination in food. My skin reacts when I come into contact with gluten? I generally break out in hives in the contaminated area.

Details About this Student's College Dining Experience

Does your college handle food restrictions as you expected when you decided to attend?

Mostly what I expected

Have you had a reation from eating in your dining hall?


If Yes, describe each incident and how your school responded

I saw that they had gluten free pizza with separate sauce and cheese for the GF crust. But, the pizza went into the same oven as the regular pizzas and were cut using a non-GF cutter. I was told that they only had the one pizza oven and I should stay away from it if I will react.

Did you register your food restriction with the disabilities office? If yes, describe

I don't remember if I specified with our student dissablilitues office, but I was in constant communication with the dining staff before I started my freshman year and when I first arrived.

Are there resources to help with nutritious, safe dining (e.g. dietician)? If yes, describe

Nutritionist on campus. Chef will tell if something is GF if asked.

If you were in charge of dining, what would you change? Would your school be open to suggestions?

Every food that is cooked or served should be labeled if it's Gluten free, dairy free, egg free, etc.

Describe your biggest challenge managing your food restrictions at college and how you deal with it

I don't have as many options as the majority of my campus. Some options that are "Gluten Free" are sadly cross-contaminated so I am even more limited.

Advice for Incoming Students:


Did your food restrictions impact your housing decisions?  Any dorm recommendations


Dining Halls:

Any advice for managing dining halls?  Favorite dining halls? Any to avoid?

My advice is to ask for a chef if you don't know if something is safe.

Meal Plans:

Describe your meal plans over the year(s). What's mandatory? Any suggestions? 

Per semester, I have a set number of meals (180 freshman, 200 sophomore) and 250 campus dollars for my meal plan.


Any advice for eating in the dorms? Favorite snacks? Places that deliver? 

There are several great restaurants in the area that have safe gluten free food and will deliver to campus! They include Rustica, Corelife, and Mac&Melts, also Roosevelt field mall

Getting Started:

What should students do before school starts or when they first arrive?

Email dining services to discuss options and ask for a tour of the dining halls when you arrive.


Advice on managing parties or dinners out with friends?



Any other advice or comments?


Meal Plans:

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