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GFF College Dining Survey Responses

Loyola University Chicago



Survey Date:

Jun 17, 2022

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Celiac Disease

Student's Summary Assessment:

College Dining:


Surrounding Area:


Rationale for Grades Given

They kicked me off my meal plan because they couldn’t guarantee always having gluten free

Defloured is 100% gluten free bakery, lady Gregory’s

Details About this Student's Food Restrictions

How many years ago were you diagnosed with food allergies or celiac disease?


If you indicated celiac or gluten intolerance, how sensitive are you to gluten?

Very: React to small amounts

Add details to help us better understand your food restrictions (e.g. sensitivity level, potential reaction, need for EPI pen)

Completed original celiac survey which did not ask about other food allergies

Details About this Student's College Dining Experience

Does your college handle food restrictions as you expected when you decided to attend?

Mostly not what I expected

Have you had a reation from eating in your dining hall?


If Yes, describe each incident and how your school responded

I only went to the dorms a handful of times

Did you register your food restriction with the disabilities office? If yes, describe

I registered in the SAC, had a meeting with them and described my needs, they gave me an apartment with a kitchen in campus housing .

Are there resources to help with nutritious, safe dining (e.g. dietician)? If yes, describe

Not really for allergies

If you were in charge of dining, what would you change? Would your school be open to suggestions?

Making sure foods don’t touch, update and improve allergy friendly options.

Describe your biggest challenge managing your food restrictions at college and how you deal with it

Commuting between campuses and knowing your choices were limited when hungry.

Advice for Incoming Students:


Did your food restrictions impact your housing decisions?  Any dorm recommendations

It did because if I wasn’t on a meal plan I needed to be in a place with my own kitchen

Dining Halls:

Any advice for managing dining halls?  Favorite dining halls? Any to avoid?

Simpson is the best by far they’ll even give you a full gluten free pizza, it is also known as the allergy friendly hall

Meal Plans:

Describe your meal plans over the year(s). What's mandatory? Any suggestions? 

No meal plan, was kicked off the meal plan for them not being able to guarantee gluten free


Any advice for eating in the dorms? Favorite snacks? Places that deliver? 

I haven’t gotten sick from insomnia gf cookies, taichi bubble tea has markings, some of the closer restaurants have bad options but overall there are a lot in the area that are aware of allergies

Getting Started:

What should students do before school starts or when they first arrive?

Bring all your own cooking utensils if you got a kitchen don’t trust anyone to be safe about allergies. Don’t rely on others to have properly cleaned their cooking stuff so why risk it and share?


Advice on managing parties or dinners out with friends?

Don’t do it, just don’t do it. You need to do your own research on what is gluten free alcohol wise and maybe not get too drunk and make a bad decision


Any other advice or comments?

You just gotta be smart about things, from my experience at a couple of colleges now, never trust anyone to get you gluten free food because they might not hold the same standards that you need. It never hurts to call a restaurant and ask about gluten free, you never know what you might find when looking up gluten free stuff.

Meal Plans:

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