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GFF College Dining Survey Responses

Tulane University

New Orleans


Survey Date:

Feb 23, 2023

Survey 1 of 2




Gluten Intolerance, Egg Allergy, Soy Allergy, Other

Student's Summary Assessment:

College Dining:


Surrounding Area:


Rationale for Grades Given

Uncooked eggs, expired meat, and moldy gluten-free bread in a segregated closet.

High-cost, but accessible takeout is available in tourist regions.

Details About this Student's Food Restrictions

How many years ago were you diagnosed with food allergies or celiac disease?


If you indicated celiac or gluten intolerance, how sensitive are you to gluten?

Not Very: Usually do not know if exposed

Add details to help us better understand your food restrictions (e.g. sensitivity level, potential reaction, need for EPI pen)

Severe life threatening egg allergy, narcolepsy, inflammation disorders, etc. Need Epi Pens and a prayer 🙏

Details About this Student's College Dining Experience

Does your college handle food restrictions as you expected when you decided to attend?

Not at all what I expected

Have you had a reation from eating in your dining hall?


If Yes, describe each incident and how your school responded

I have been in an ambulance 3x. Tulane has ignored all accommodation requests for dining help. Dining plan is mandatory, and has cost me 10k+ with both high fees and medical expenses.

Did you register your food restriction with the disabilities office? If yes, describe

Yes, but Goldman cannot help with campus dining.

Are there resources to help with nutritious, safe dining (e.g. dietician)? If yes, describe

The dieticians are there to advocate for weight loss and high-risk foods.

If you were in charge of dining, what would you change? Would your school be open to suggestions?

I would provide more options that are RIGOROUSLY monitored by trained professionals

Describe your biggest challenge managing your food restrictions at college and how you deal with it

I can't find food that fit my dietary restrictions, and Tulane University is a hostile environment for every disability. Prepare to be medicalized and patronized along the way...

Advice for Incoming Students:


Did your food restrictions impact your housing decisions?  Any dorm recommendations

Do not go into Warren, Irby, or the oldest dorms. I think the dining events in River will be dangerous to live alongside...

Dining Halls:

Any advice for managing dining halls?  Favorite dining halls? Any to avoid?

Please invest in Wavebuck$ and limit Commons dining. Provisions is your new bff. Avoid eating food at the campus bar and have all baristas/bartenders on campus use fresh utensils. Don't drink the coffee, most of it has gluten and nut contamination. Rimon is a good choice but you need to speak to a manager for accurate allergen info. Vegan ≠ vegetarian... And that sent me to the ER

Meal Plans:

Describe your meal plans over the year(s). What's mandatory? Any suggestions? 

You have to pay-in like 3.5k every semester regardless of your


Any advice for eating in the dorms? Favorite snacks? Places that deliver? 

Keep sauces in your fridge and opt for reliable, protein-filled pantry staples. Dorm meal plans online are AWESOME for this.

Getting Started:

What should students do before school starts or when they first arrive?

Get talking with Goldman and TU Dining as soon as you accept your offer. There's a very long wait list...


Advice on managing parties or dinners out with friends?

Please be careful.


Any other advice or comments?

Meal Plans:

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