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GFF College Dining Survey Responses

Wake Forest University


North Carolina

Survey Date:

Aug 14, 2023

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Gluten Intolerance, Egg Allergy, Milk Allergy, Peanut Allergy, Shellfish Allergy, Soy Allergy, Wheat Allergy, Other

Student's Summary Assessment:

College Dining:


Surrounding Area:


Rationale for Grades Given

We visited the food allergy counter that is set up for kids with food allergies and the chef was knowledgeable but the staff at the counter who served the food was not. They had been transferred over from the fast food restaurant and did not receive proper training. The short time I stood and observed the station I saw the worker drop a plate into one of the dishes and instead of stopping and cleaning she wiped it off with a towel and kept serving food. The food was contaminated the towel was contaminated. They also have a food allergy pantry and it has dairy in it. Cross contamination is a big risk in that room. Did not seem interested in discussing ideas of how to make improvements.

There are good stores but as a freshman you are not able to park on campus even if you pay for a parking spot. The parking is 1.5 miles away. They do not allow parking for students that need to go to grocery for allergy free foods and then have a place to unload groceries. So I had to walk to get my car and then grocery shop and then walk home from parking lot. The grocery trip took 3 hours. Really challenging for a college student trying just to study and have some sense of fun.

Details About this Student's Food Restrictions

How many years ago were you diagnosed with food allergies or celiac disease?


If you indicated celiac or gluten intolerance, how sensitive are you to gluten?

Add details to help us better understand your food restrictions (e.g. sensitivity level, potential reaction, need for EPI pen)

Epi pen use when exposed to certain allergens.

Details About this Student's College Dining Experience

Does your college handle food restrictions as you expected when you decided to attend?

Not at all what I expected

Have you had a reation from eating in your dining hall?


If Yes, describe each incident and how your school responded

I choose to not eat anything there as it was not a safe option for me. Had to pay $3000 for food plan and buy my own groceries as well.

Did you register your food restriction with the disabilities office? If yes, describe

Yes, they have a poor understanding of what it actually requires to stay safe. Stating they receive hundreds of accommodation forms and it's hard to tell who is serious.

Are there resources to help with nutritious, safe dining (e.g. dietician)? If yes, describe


If you were in charge of dining, what would you change? Would your school be open to suggestions?

Remove top 8 allergens from allergy free stress less pantry. Have educated staff serving the food. It can't just be the chef. It has to be the food handlers.

Describe your biggest challenge managing your food restrictions at college and how you deal with it

It took so much effort to prove food allergies despite letters from drs past medical history. Not understanding. a single is best in this situation

Advice for Incoming Students:


Did your food restrictions impact your housing decisions?  Any dorm recommendations

Yes, had a single. Second semester they required a roommate I had a reaction 2 weeks into having a roommate and went to the hospital after an epi pen. Almost died.

Dining Halls:

Any advice for managing dining halls?  Favorite dining halls? Any to avoid?

Meal Plans:

Describe your meal plans over the year(s). What's mandatory? Any suggestions? 


Any advice for eating in the dorms? Favorite snacks? Places that deliver? 

Getting Started:

What should students do before school starts or when they first arrive?


Advice on managing parties or dinners out with friends?


Any other advice or comments?

Meal Plans:

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