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Thanks for submitting your GFF College Dining Survey!! 

By adding your voice, you are helping our grassroots effort to make college dining safe and inclusive for all students with food restrictions. Colleges do not outsource their legal and moral obligations when they outsource their dining to food service vendors. Those with weak dining programs will see that other schools are meeting the dietary needs of their students, and there really is no excuse for not doing the same. Prospective students also find your feedback incredibly helpful. 

Never underestimate the power of one student to make a difference! Please share our survey on social media and directly with your college friends with food allergies or celiac disease. If you'd like to get involved further, or have questions about our efforts, email us at

Expect a short delay before we post your anonymous survey. We also select some surveys to highlight on our Instagram in GFF Student Spotlights so please follow us @gfreefriends.

Best Regards,
Sheryl Harpel
Founder, Gluten Free Friends


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