Feb 17

Stone House at Stirling Ridge, Warren


Edited: Feb 17

Lovely place for dinner. Just be very specific with the waiter that you aren't trendy gf and must avoid cross contact. In the summer, they have great outdoor space with s'mores, and sometimes with music (can toast marshmallows and skip the graham crackers). Can get burgers or special meal. Held two 120 or so gf/nut free events in their catering hall and was very pleased. Food delish and elegant. Communication was a bit of an issue, so was glad to have a party planner helping. The s'more fire pit was great for these private parties too (supplied gf graham crackers). Met with head chef Jerry Villa, beforehand to plan gf nut free menu. Looking at their website, it seems this may have changed, as they mention David Drake as head chef. I hope it is still as good and safe.


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  • " We carefully select our products and producers to ensure Fettle + Fare is bringing you the healthiest options available - and we make sure there are options for every dietary need, whether you're Vegetarian, Vegan, Paleo, Gluten Free and/or Dairy Free! Our kitchen is 100% gluten free - you never have to worry about cross contamination!" 401 W Broad St https://fettleandfare.com/?fbclid=IwAR1idV7CmjPumMjBZHjoWCjgQUwDvJQPbaKhkj7DdpF0a8l9Mv_lhmJcq2g
  • Member reviewed as recently as 7/18 "Took my Celiac son there today and we had to leave. - steak frites listed as GF - we questioned server to confirm so she asked the chef - her response was that yes they are gf. - So I asked are they in a dedicated fryer? - no she said - to which I said so there's nothing with gluten in the fryer? - yes there is but chef said that doesn't matter - talked to manager who was clueless and said fries had a flour coating. - then chef said he had no formal celiac training, didn't really understand Celiac and figured the fries were fine. After all they make pizza in the restaurant so what's the difference. "
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