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"ROME - We found it surprisingly easy to eat there. We wandered so don't have all the details as to where we ate, but we stayed at the Gran Melia with a beautiful pool who provided gluten-free items in their breakfast buffet (we called ahead to remind them they'd be needed for our dates!). I know we had casual dinner twice at Ristorante Leonardo because it was charming and set back in a little square, between Spanish Steps and Trevi Fountain."


"I don't have a specific itinerary but we have been many times and never had an issue.   It’s our favorite country to visit. Italy is very gf friendly and most places offer gf pasta and delicious gf bread. "


"Italy is a dream destination for celiacs!  Been 3 times since I was diagnosed and come home having eaten so well and only wishing the US was as educated and advanced as Italy is!  Just learn the word for celiac in Italian and mention it when you order - most restaurants go above and beyond to include you in to one of the best things to do in Italy...EAT!!!!! "


"Italy is the best!!! They have laws in Italy to protect people with Celiac (that I WISH we had) so every restaurant has to offer a gf option, prepared in a safe environment ;) Even the gelato stands know- and won't serve you most of the time because they are sooooo strict with cross contamination. Also, the mcdonald's fries in Italy are GF. I gobbled them up!!! "


"When in Rome and Venice, I used the Find me Gluten free app. It was so easy to eat. I stayed at the Best Western near the train station (as we were taking train to venice)and they had a breakfast buffet that was 5 euros I think and had gF bread, cereal, as well as the usual eggs and meat in an American breakfast. Plus all the fixings for a traditional European breakfast"


"Milan several years ago and found an amazing bakery with all the classic Italian pastries GF!  My daughter had been sadly missing cannolis (this was before we could get them here at Gloriously) and so it was important to us to find this place...  I did remember seeing many of the restaurants we ate in having GF pasta though...

GluFree Bakery

(gluten free bakery in milan)

Via Curtatone, 6, 20122 Milano, Italy

Phone:+39 02 5401 9723"


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  • Reviewed by member 9/18 "My GF daughter swims in a meet in Buffalo every winter. We do not venture far from the hotel due to time constraints but this is where we return to year after year: Osteria 166:  really great Italian food and fabulous salads Merge: just really delicious options Spot coffee: fair prices, good GF wraps and lots of fun coffee drinks (slow service at lunch) Sear: this is more upscale and is in a hotel (often yucky but not this one)  but we always need somewhere to eat Sunday night and she has never gotten sick from their food Patina 250: only had brunch there once but the food was good she had a giant smoothie and some eggs no problems All of these places are within walking distance from the Westin. You probably already know this but around this area it is safe to walk at night but just a handful of blocks towards down town it is not a good idea to walk at night."
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