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Dining is an important part of the college experience, especially freshman year when dining plans are often mandatory. It is a personal choice how much to weigh dietary restrictions into your college selection but it is best to “know before you go” so that you can request the appropriate accommodations. Dining capabilities vary by school, even when those schools use the same vendor. Although some of our materials were created for a celiac audience, they are still helpful for students with food allergies! These are some highlights, but all of our blog posts, and student survey responses can provide additional insights.


  1. Watch our college search presentation.

  2. Read this interview with our founder from Generation GF Magazine. 

  3. Read this guest blog post from a high school senior with celiac about her college search.

  4. Search by Trends, Advice, or Research in our curated College News.

  5. Check out the college resources available from Our Partners.



  1. Read our blog post for context before diving into the survey responses.  

  2. See survey responses for feedback and advice from college students searchable by school. 

  3. Don’t see the school you want? Ask a college student there to help you find students with food restrictions to complete our survey and we will post it promptly!

  4. Search by school name in our curated College News.



  1. Read this blog post from our founder from the National Celiac Association magazine

  2. Give feedback on your school to inform prospective students and push colleges to improve

  3. Watch our interview with Valerie Kraft, Beyond Celiac, about how to advocate for safe options



  1. Spread our survey to inform prospective students and push colleges to improve. Every survey response increases the impact of our advocacy platform. 

    • Personal Outreach: Everyone in college knows someone there with food restrictions who could give feedback! If you are interested in a particular school, any student there can help.

    • Support Groups and School Clubs: This effort started when our NJ celiac support group decided to survey our college students! Add this to the mission of your celiac or food allergy-related school clubs or support groups.

    • On-Campus Promotion: Post this Campus Flyer with a QRC code linking to our survey on college campuses you visit near the dining areas!

  2. Our volunteer internships for high school and college students provide motivated students with the platform and mentorship they need to make a difference

  3. We welcome students as guest blog contributors. Submit your story ideas.

  4. Read more about our advocacy efforts in FARE's July 2023 Leadership Spotlight. 


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